Popular Uses For MDF

Because MDF is so versatile, it has tons of uses within the modern world. We’re going to look at a few of them in this post.

MDF comes in a few different grades – lightweight, standard and industrial are the most widely used.

Lightweight MDF is best for applications where it will be veneered because it’s not very good for machining purposes (it has a low density).

Standard MDF is better when it comes to machining and can still be used in veneered applications. The benefit would be that it’s stronger.

Industrial grade MDF is most commonly used where the MDF will need to be machined and profiled – for example, skirting boards and architraves. Most of the suppliers manufacture industrial grade boards with the added benefit of them being moisture resistant.

Skirting Boards Made From MDF

One of the most popular ways to utilise MDF is to create skirting boards using it.

You’ll have likely seen this in a lot of the DIY stores in your local area and you may even already have it in your on home!

MDF is popular for skirting boards because most of it is moisture resistant (from reputable suppliers), it’s easy to work with, it’s cheaper than other materials and it will last much, much longer too.

A plain and simple design, the bullnose skirting board is probably the most popular choice as it goes well with pretty much any interior.

Bullnose Skirting Board & Architrave in MDF

Architraves Made From MDF

Because we’ve mentioned skirting boards, we need to also mention architraves – they’re used together!

Generally speaking, most people go for a matching skirting and architrave. Whichever design they choose to use, they have the same on both the skirting and architrave to create a uniform look.

MDF is a good choice of material for architraves as it’s really easy to work with and is always straight.

Kitchen Units Made From MDF

Had a new kitchen recently? Chosen a high gloss finish? Either way, your new kitchen units are probably made from MDF.

This is how versatile MDF is. We’ve gone from skirtings and architraves to kitchens!

The kitchen probably won’t look like it’s made from MDF. In these situations, it’s normally an MDF that has a veneered finish.

Shelving Made From MDF

Shelving made from MDF is similar to kitchen cabinets in the way that it’s made – MDF with a veneer finish for the most part.

Again, MDF shelving is popular due to it being cheaper than other woods and the finishes available.